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21st Birthday Extravaganza

My father made it down here today around 4 which was great cause that was about when I was waking up. He took me out to best buy where I did some shopping then we went to the movies and saw Action Movie #47627 also called Paycheck starring Ben Afleck. It was as good as could be expected, I was entertained although I think I got as much entertainment per second from the 20 minutes of previews as I did from the movies. Afterwards, we got pizza then I returned to my room to play with my new scanner.

*Geek Warning* I'm about to wax intelligent about the zombie movie genre, I wouldn't suggest reading this unless you really liked Night of the Living Dead

Now, anyone here a George Romero Fan? He's the man behind Night of the Living Dead, and for those of you who are slightly more enlightened, Dawn of the Dead which in my opinion, is the height of psychological horror, and the enjoyable but less impressive Day of the Dead. Well at the movies tonight there was a preview for a new Dawn of the Dead. Now I have mixed feelings about remakes but I always love a good zombie movie(believe it or not I differentiate between the good zombie movies and the bad ones.) My question, however, is, when did zombies learn to run? When did they go from shuffling and moaning to running and snarling? It looked from the quick snippets in the trailer, like these were gonna be the crazed rabid running zombies like in 28 Days Later (decent but dissapointing). Maybe it's just where our quick cut high speed, bullet time movie culture is headed, but I personally find the slow, mindless, inexorable tide of the damned to be just about the scarriest thing in cinema past or present. You can get away from a traditional zombie easily and one zombie is easily dispatched but where are you gonna go? They just keep coming, you have to stop running eventually and there's always more! Zombies with human speed and, heaven forbid, adrenaline strength, would spread rapidly and make quick work of everyone. Seriously though, if you haven't seen Dawn of the Dead rent it, it's a really different kind of horror movie with a fascinating theme.

I've learned not to look forward to movies. If you anxiously anticipate something, you'll be let down 90% of the time. Besides, Lord of the Rings was so good that Im sure the galaxy will take it's revenge by making the next ten movies I look forward to suck. Of course, it doesn't matter, the curse of the geek is that when they make a movie that appeals to you you'll pay to watch it. Even if you know it sucks and everyone tells you it sucks, you'll still go. So in the mean time, I'll return to putting hexes on George Lucas and reading Macbeth in Klingon and try not to think about it. (that last part wasa joke, I swear.)
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