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Last Night I had a dream. I made a wish that things had been different, that Robert and I had never Switched places that morning. As I wished this, a deep bellowing caw cut through the air and A crow flew down from the dusk sky to light on my arm.

The next thing I knew, I was back in the Humvee, just like that day. I could see history unfolding before us one were we were both wounded and but no one died. Then I began to wonder what would happen if we took a different route. I suggested we follow the main road around the front of the building (something which would not have been done in real life,) and soon we were back in the compound, all of us.

As we milled around the Humvee, I caught sight of about a half dozen enemy snipers in a building. We opened fire and a fierce, implausible firefight ensued. The battle was all at once both exciting and terrifying but it left me with a feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that this time around I was really a soldier not just an unlucky peace keeper.

There was more excitement which is lost to the haze of dream memory but towards the end, I remember everyone sitting around for a barbecue (which, for some reason, was at dusk.) As I talked with the guys I realized that none of it felt right. The whole place felt artificial, I didn't like the pompous self assured army guy that this new time line had created and although he was alive, for some reason I hadn't seen Robert once. As I thought, this the crow returned, silently this time, and I made a wish in my mind to return.

I waited a few beats but as I looked around me, nothing had changed. I began walking and went through a door. As I came through I saw the the sky filled with hundreds of crows, forming a funnel which stretched almost to the ground like a tornado, a vortex of spiraling crows. All this was happening in a parking lot, outside my apartment, I was home.

Then a gang of children on three wheel stunt bikes tore in and the dream went off in the bizarre direction which most of my dreams take.
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